Shlomi Shaban and the Camerata
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    Shlomi Shaban and the Camerata - Reflections

    Three surprising concerts intertwining classical and popular music.

    The new and the eternal reflecting each other


    Electric night at the opera
    Two of the leading groups of the Tel Aviv electronic music scene, will perform their best numbers in special orchestral arrangements.
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    2/12/2018 21:00
    Marina Maximilian and the orchestra
    Marina Maximilian will be presenting her most popular hits, alongside Russian songsRead more
    10/01/2019 21:00
    Chava Alberstein and the orchestra
    In her first performance with an orchestra in Israel, Chava Alberstein will perform her masterpiece Yiddish album, ”LEMELE” as well as some of her greatest Hebrew hits.

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    7/07/2019 21:00
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