The Israeli Opera Tel-Aviv-Yafo
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עב عر

    The Opera House

    The Opera House

    The Shlomo Lahat Opera House (Cheech)
    The Performing Arts Center


    the location

    The Performing Arts Center is located in the heart of the most vibrant and accessible cultural complex in central Tel Aviv. The center also houses three of the leading cultural institutions in Israel: the Israeli Opera, the Chamber Theater and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.



    The architectural design

    The renowned architect Jacob Jacob Richter was responsible for the amazing exterior design of the Performing Arts Center. Today, the center is considered one of the most beautiful, interesting and prestigious buildings in Israel.


    Interior design

    Ron Arad, one of the world's best interior designers, has transformed the interior of the Performing Arts Center into a truly artistic experience. The combination of colors, the play of lights and the special furniture together create perfect harmony.



    The Fayer

    The opera's impressive lobby accommodates various types of experiential events, performances and conferences, up to 1000 people.


    Art exhibitions

    The grand lobby of the Opera House is especially suitable for exhibitions and art exhibitions.


    Advertising and sales

    As part of the general mantle hosted by the Israeli Opera for hosted productions, we offer the publication of your event on the website and newsletter distributed to the opera's customers, and if necessary, ticketing and sales services.



    The outdoor performing arts venue, located outdoors, is spacious, cozy and intimate. An extension is close to King Saul Boulevard but hidden from view. Events and receptions can be arranged there in coordination with the Tel Aviv Municipality and provided a special license.


    Guests of the Mishkan have at their disposal an arranged covered parking space for 1000 vehicles.

    • The Performing Arts Center

    • The Portico

    • The Cafe Area

    • The Foyer

    • The Golden Staires

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