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Magical Sounds - Nitza Shaul 2019- 2020

The exciting stories of the greatest composers and of the world of music performed in song, music and dance
Who Made The Empress Angry? - Haydn
Little Haydn sang like a nightingale yet his pranks even angered the EmpressRead more
10/11/2019 17:30
Lets Cook An Opera! - Rossini
Rossini liked to play and compose music but even more liked to cook and bakeRead more
26/01/2020 17:30
The Carnival Of Animals - Saint-Saens
At the age of two Saint-Saens began playing the pianoRead more
22/03/2020 17:30
The Venice Carnival - Renaissance Music
The Music of the Renaissance comes alive once more.Read more
17/05/2020 17:30:10
The Most Beautiful Swan – Tchaikovsky
The music in little Tchaikovsky’s head developed into fascinating storiesRead more
21/06/2020 17:30
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