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בר ניווט לשוניות

Un ballo in maschera

Giuseppe Verdi

From the repertoire



Libretto: Antonio Somma


Daniel Oren conducts Verdi’s popular opus with an improbable love story, a grandiose ball and murder derived by blind revenge.

Conductor Daniel Oren
Director Michal Znaniecki
Set Designer Luigi Scoglio
Costume Designer Joanna Medynska
Lighting Designer Bugomil Palewicz
Choreographer Katarzyna Aleksander Kmeic  
Revival Choreographer Regina Alexandrovskaya




Riccardo Gustavo Porta 8.2, 11.2, 12.2, 15.2, 17.2, 19.2, 22.2
Valentyn Dytyuk 7.2, 9.2, 14.2, 16.2, 20.2
Amelia Ira Bertman 7.2, 9.2, 12.2, 14.2, 16.2, 20.2, 22.2
Irina Moreva 8.2, 11.2, 15.2, 17.2, 19.2
Renato Ionut Pascu 7.2, 9.2, 12.2, 15.2, 17.2, 20.2
Alexander Aliev 8.2, 11.2, 14.2, 16.2, 19.2, 22.2
Ulrica 7.2, 9.2, 12.2, 14.2, 16.2, 19.2

Yulia Mennibaeva
8.2, 11.2, 15.2, 17.2, 20.2, 22.2
Oscar Hila Baggio 7.2, 9.2, 12.2, 14.2, 16.2, 17.2, 19.2, 20.2
  Danae Kontora 8.2, 11.2, 15.2, 22.2
Tom Ivo Stanchev 7.2, 9.2, 12.2, 15.2, 17.2, 20.2,
Noah Briger 8.2, 11.2, 14.2, 16.2, 19.2, 22.2
Sam Carlo Striuli 7.2, 9.2, 12.2, 15.2, 17.2, 20.2
  Vladimir Braun 8.2, 11.2, 14.2, 16.2, 19.2, 22.2
Silvano Oded Reich

7.2, 8.2, 9.2, 11.2, 12.2, 17.2, 22.2

  Yair Polishook 14.2, 15.2, 16.2, 19.2, 20.2
Judge Eitan Drori  
Servant Oshri Segev  


The Israeli Opera Chorus

Chorus Master: Ethan Schmeisser

The Opera Orchestra - The Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon LeZion


Sung in Italian

English and Hebrew Surtitles
Translation: Israel Ouval



The première performance
is in honor of

Lizika, Ami & Teddy Sagy


המכון המשהוWith the collaboration of the Italian Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv


  Scene i
The governor’s mansion 
Riccardo, the governor of Boston, is giving an audience. Oscar, his page, brings him the list of guests invited to a masked ball. Riccardo is overjoyed to see included the name of Amelia, the wife of his secretary Renato, with whom - despite his conscience¬ - he is in love. The faithful Renato tells him of a plot against his life but Riccardo brushes the warning aside. A judge arrives with papers to sign, banishing a fortune-teller named Ulrica for her evil influence. Oscar intercedes for her.  Riccardo, for a lark, suggests that they all go in disguise to see the sorceress and test her powers. The conspirators, Samuel and Tom, fall in with the scheme, seeing in it an opportunity to carry out their plot against Riccardo.

  Scene ii
Ulrica's place
Silvano, a sailor arrives, asking Ulrica if the many years he serves the governor will be rewarded and the fortune teller promises him wealth and promotion. Riccardo, disguised as a fisherman, hears the prophecy and puts money and a promotion letter in Silvano’s coat. Everybody rejoices once the prophecy becomes true aside of Ulrica who senses that her work was interrupted by someone else. Amelia comes to consult the fortune-teller. Concealed, Riccardo hears Amelia ask for a magic potion, which will uproot the love from her heart. Ulrica tells her of such a herb which can only be gathered at midnight in the place where the gallows stands. When Amelia leaves, Riccardo asks to have his fortune told. Ulrica tells him he will die by the hand of the friend who will next shake his hand. Renato enters. Riccardo goes forward and grasps his hand. He tells the fortune teller that this is the hand of his most trusted friend.

Midnight, in a deserted field, beside the gallows
Amelia, veiled, comes to pluck the magic herb, when Riccardo arrives. They proclaim their love to each other but Amelia begs Riccardo to leave her. At that point Renato comes into view. Amelia, seeing her husband, lowers her veil in fright. Renato has come to warn his master that conspirators are lying in wait for him. Riccardo consents to escape through a side path but asks Renato to promise that he will escort the veiled Amelia back to the city without attempting to find out who she is. As they leave Renato and Amelia fall into the hands of the conspirators who, enraged at the loss of the governor, insist at least on knowing his sweetheart. They try to pull off Amelia's veil. Renato draws his gun. To stop bloodshed Amelia reveals herself. The stunned Renato sees his own wife.

  Scene i
Renato's house
Renato prepares to kill his wife. Amelia begs to embrace their son before she dies. When she goes out Renato gazes at the portrait of Ricardo which hangs on the wall and decides it is he on whom he must vent his wrath. He joins Samuel and Tom in their plot to murder the Governor. They draw lots; Amelia is commanded to pick the paper from an urn. It bears the name of Renato. The page Oscar arrives with the invitation to the masked ball.

  Scene ii
A ballroom in Riccardo's mansion
Riccardo decides to give up Amelia and send her and Renato abroad. Doors open. Renato learns from Oscar what disguise Riccardo is wearing. Amelia also recognizes Riccardo, begs him to flee his impending death, but he refuses. As they bid each other farewell, Renato, unobserved, comes between them and shoots Riccardo. Too late, Renato hears from the dying ruler of Amelia’s innocence. With his last words Riccardo pardons Renato and all the other conspirators.

Back Stage Secrets

 Back Stage Secrets at the Opera
Many Opportunities to Widen your Opera Experience

Do you want to know more about the opera you are about to attend? Do you want to find out some back stage secrets? Do you want to meet the artists after the performance? The Israeli Opera enables you to widen your opera experience with a variety of pre performance and post-performance events. 

Towards Opening

On Saturday morning before the premiere, the creators of the production and several of the soloists gather to discuss the opera, the production, their own career and today’s opera world. This is a unique opportunity to learn as much as possible about the production and meet the director, conductor, designers and some of the participating soloists. Musical excerpts from the opera illustrate the discussion. Towards Opening takes place before some of each season’s productions.

Pre Performance Lecture

One hour before each opera performance there is a 30-minute introductory lecture in the auditorium (in Hebrew). Opera staffers present the opera and the production and enable the audience to get some extra information a short time before attending the performances. Admission is free for ticket holders. 

Pre Performance Back Stage Tours

What happens backstage before the audience even thinks of getting dressed for the performance? What do the singers do? The conductor? The Technical teams? How does everyone prepare for the performance? A unique opportunity to taste a little bit of the back stage excitement before the curtain ascends/ A concerted half hour tour in places that are not usually open to the general public. Tours begin 90 minute before the performance begins and last 30 minutes. Tickets are 25NIS and can be booked in advance (tickets for each tour are limited). Tours take place on several evenings in each production. Details can be found at the Israeli opera’s website. Tours from groups both in Hebrew and in English can be booked in advance (sarah@israelopera.org.il )

Opera Talkback

The curtain has just descended on the final scene of the opera. The hour is late. Nut  the experience was riveting. This is the time to meet several of the performers. Come to listen and to speak . Ask questions. Meet the artists. A once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the artists who have just excited you  on the stage. Opera Talkbacks  takes  place on the second level of the Opera House foyer and last  around 30 minutes. Admission free. Opera Talkback  takes place on several evenings in each production . Details can be found on the Israeli Opera’s website. 


  Date Hour


7 February 2019


Opening lecture

Before every show

An hour before every show

Back Stage Tours

11, 12, 14, 20 February 2019

16:30 / 18:30

Opera Talkback

11, 12, 14, 17, 20 February 2019

After the show 


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