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1/06/2017 20:00
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Infaust is loosely based on Goethe's dramatic poem, offering the audience a journey through the darkest alleys of the human soul. The performance deals with Faust, old and tired, in the final moments of his life, looking back on his past: his love affairs, his adventures, Wagner and Margaret. This adaptation of Faust, by Walter Mattieni and Ina Broeckx brings to life the story's villain as a duel being – male and female. INFAUST is a complex work where life is a struggle, passion and yearning.
imPerfect Dancers Company was founded in Italy in 2009. Since it was formed it has taken the contemporary dance scene by storm, winning rave and prestigious awards. Under the artistic direction of its founders, Walter Matteini and Ina Broeckx, the company has proved tirelessly creative as it evolves. imPerfect Dancers company has taken its repertoire on tour, with performances in north America (Canada and the USA), South America Africa, Asia and Europe. .


"If there’s imperfection here, it’s not in the dancing but in the inherent tension of condensing such complex emotions into an hour of movement." (The Washington Post)

"Seeing imPerfect Dancers Company was to witness an emotional journey of great depth". (La Gazzetta di Parma)


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