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בר ניווט לשוניות
Don Giovanni

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

New Production


The greatest lover of all time chases women from land to land before he settles in Spain where he fails to add another conquest to the 1,003 women he already seduced there. One of the greatest operas ever written in a new captivating production.


Libretto: Lorenzo da Ponte. Sung in Italian.


 Conductor  Daniel Oren   8.2, 9.2, 10.2, 12.2, 13.2, 15.2, 16.2, 17.2
   Nimrod David Pfeffer  18.2, 21.2, 22.2, 23.2, 24.2
 Director  Kasper Holten  
 Revival director  Greg Eldridge   
 Set Designer  Es Devlin  
 Video Designer  Luke Halls    
 Associate Video Designer  Daniel Bond  
 Costume Designer  Anja Vang Ktagh  
 Lighting Designer  Bruno Poet  
 Revival Lighting Designer  John Paul Percox  
 Choreographer  Signe Fabricius  
 Revival choreograoher  Anna Marie Sullivan   
 Fight Director  Barak Gonen   



Don Giovanni   Nahuel di Peirro    9.2, 13.2, 15.2, 17.2, 22.2, 24.2
    Palle Knudsen 8.2, 10.2, 12.2, 16.2, 18.2, 21.2, 23.2
Donna Anna   Ekaterina Bakanova 8.2, 10.2, 12.2, 15.2, 17.2, 21.2, 23.2
    Alla Vasilevitsky 9.2, 13.2, 16.2, 18.2, 22.2, 24.2
Donna Elvira   Celine Byrne 8.2, 10.2, 12.2, 16.2, 18.2, 22.2, 24.2
    Ylva Kihlberg 9.2, 13.2, 15.2, 17.2, 21.2, 23.2
Don Ottavio   Jason Bridges 9.2, 13.2, 15.2, 17.2, 22.2, 24.2
    Krysztian Adam 8.2, 10.2, 12.2, 16.2, 18.2, 21.2, 23.2
Leporello   Roberto Lorenzi 9.2, 13.2, 16.2, 18.2, 21.2, 23.2
    Guido Loconsolo 8.2, 10.2, 12.2, 15.2, 17.2, 22.2, 24.2
Commendatore   Mariano Buccino  
Zerlina   Daniela Skorka   9.2, 10.2, 13.2, 16.2, 22.2, 24.2
    Anat Czarny  8.2, 12.2, 15.2, 17.2, 18.2, 21.2, 23.2
 Masetto   Daniel Giulianini   8.2, 10.2, 12.2, 16.2, 21.2, 23.2
    Oded Reich   9.2, 13.2, 15.2, 17.2, 18.2, 22.2, 24.2

The Israeli Opera Chorus
Chorus Master: Ethan Schmeisser
The Opera Orchestra - The Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon LeZion


Sung in Italian
English and Hebrew Surtitles
Translation: Israel Ouval





Act I
Leporello is waiting for his master Giovanni, who is trying to seduce Donna Anna in a nearby house. Giovanni, wearing a mask, rushes out pursued by Donna Anna who is determined to discover her assailant’s identity. Her father, the Commendatore, appears and challenges Giovanni who kills the Commendatore and flees with his servant. Anna meanwhile returns with Don Ottavio and discovers her father’s dead body. She implores Ottavio to find the murderer and avenge her father’s death.
As Leporello reproaches his master for his way of life, another lady enters desperately seeking the man who has ruined her. Giovanni gallantly steps forward to console her, but recognizes her as Donna Elvira whom he had previously seduced and abandoned. He leaves Leporello to explain to Elvira that she is just one among Giovanni’s thousands of conquests.
A group of peasants is celebrating the wedding of Zerlina and Masetto. Giovanni and Leporello enter and the Don is immediately attracted by Zerlina. He sends the guests away to his nearby villa to be entertained lavishly. Alone, Giovanni promises to marry Zerlina and after an initial resistance, she agrees to follow him. Suddenly Elvira enters, denounces Giovanni as a seducer and leads Zerlina away. Anna and Ottavio enter and greet Giovanni. Elvira returns and warns them that he is the man who has violated so many women. As Giovanni and Elvira leave, Anna realizes with horror that Giovanni is the very person who made an attempt upon her honor and demands that Ottavio revenge the death of her father. Giovanni meets Leporello and instructs him to arrange the evening’s merriment.
In the garden of Giovanni’s villa Zerlina is trying to soothe Masetto’s jealous anger but succeeds only momentarily. Now Elvira, Anna and Ottavio, wearing masks, enter with the intention of challenging Giovanni. Leporello invites them to join the party. Inside the villa Giovanni continues his attempt to seduce Zerlina. When a scream is heard, everyone is about to go to the rescue of Zerlina when Giovanni enters dragging Leporello and denouncing him as Zerlina’s seducer. No one believes Giovanni yet he manages to slip away.

Act II
Leporello feels that life with Giovanni is too dangerous, but a few coins persuade him not to leave his master. Giovanni is now interested in Elvira’s maid and exchanges hats and cloaks with his servant, believing that in this garb his chances to allure the maid are better. In order to draw Elvira away, Leporello, disguised as Giovanni, pleads his love to her and leads her off. Giovanni now serenades the maid. Masetto and a group of peasants enter seeking Giovanni. The disguised Don promises to help them find him and sends them away in various directions. Masetto lingers a moment and Giovanni beats him, leaving him lying in the street where Zerlina finds him and offers her comforts.
Leporello is trying to free himself of Elvira, but suddenly Anna, Ottavio, Zerlina and Masetto enter, all taking him for Giovanni and are astonished to find Elvira pleading on his behalf. In mortal danger, Leporello throws off his disguise and slips away.
Giovanni and Leporello meet by moonlight in a cemetery. A voice from the Commendatore’s statue responds to the Don’s laughter and Giovanni orders his servant to invite the statue for dinner. The statue accepts.
Anna pleads with Ottavio not to insist on their immediate marriage and asks him to wait a little. In Giovanni’s house, Leporello is arranging a dinner party. Elvira bursts in with a final plea to Giovanni to change his way of life, but he will not listen. As she leaves she screams and the terrified Leporello sees the Commendatore’s statue arriving for the promised dinner. The stone guest demands Giovanni’s immediate repentance, and as the Don refuses the Commendatore drags him away. As Elvira returns with Anna, Ottavio, Zerlina and Masetto they are astonished to find that Don Giovanni has vanished.
All’s well that ends well: vengeance on Giovanni has been achieved, Anna and Ottavio will marry in a year’s time, Elvira will retire to a convent, Zerlina and Masetto will go home and Leporello will seek a better master.

Back Stage Secrets

Back Stage Secrets at the Opera
Many Opportunities to Widen your Opera Experience

Do you want to know more about the opera you are about to attend? Do you want to find out some back stage secrets? Do you want to meet the artists after the performance? The Israeli Opera enables you to widen your opera experience with a variety of pre performance and post-performance events. 

Towards Opening

On Saturday morning before the premiere, the creators of the production and several of the soloists gather to discuss the opera, the production, their own career and today’s opera world. This is a unique opportunity to learn as much as possible about the production and meet the director, conductor, designers and some of the participating soloists. Musical excerpts from the opera illustrate the discussion. Towards Opening takes place before some of each season’s productions.

Pre Performance Lecture

One hour before each opera performance there is a 30-minute introductory lecture in the auditorium (in Hebrew). Opera staffers present the opera and the production and enable the audience to get some extra information a short time before attending the performances. Admission is free for ticket holders. 

Pre Performance Back Stage Tours

What happens backstage before the audience even thinks of getting dressed for the performance? What do the singers do? The conductor? The Technical teams? How does everyone prepare for the performance? A unique opportunity to taste a little bit of the back stage excitement before the curtain ascends/ A concerted half hour tour in places that are not usually open to the general public. Tours begin 90 minute before the performance begins and last 30 minutes. Tickets are 25NIS and can be booked in advance (tickets for each tour are limited). Tours take place on several evenings in each production. Details can be found at the Israeli opera’s website. Tours from groups both in Hebrew and in English can be booked in advance ( sarah@tapac.org.il )

Opera Talkback

The curtain has just descended on the final scene of the opera. The hour is late. Nut the experience was riveting. This is the time to meet several of the performers. Come to listen and to speak. Ask questions. Meet the artists. A once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the artists who have just excited you on the stage. Opera Talkbacks takes place on the second level of the Opera House foyer and last around 30 minutes. Admission free. Opera Talkback takes place on several evenings in each production. Details can be found at the Israeli opera’s website.  


    Date   Hour  
Towards Opening   3 Feb, 2018   11:00  
PREMIÈRE  8 Feb 2018   20:00  
Back Stage Tours

12, 15, 18, 21 Feb 2018

Opera Talkback 12, 15, 18, 21 Feb 2018 After the show   


Video Clips
סוף בר ניווט לשוניות
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