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בר ניווט לשוניות
La Gazzetta

Gioacchino Rossini



For the first time in Israel - a delightful Rossini comedy in a colorful production presented by the Royal Opera of Wallonie from Liege. Sweeping Rossini melodies with a multitude of characters searching for true love in a Parisian hotel where all is acceptable in this game of love.


Libretto: Giuseppe Palomba


 Conductor  Jan Schultsz
 Director  Stefano Mazzonis di Pralafera
 Set Designer  Jean Guy Lecat
 Costume Designer  Fernand Ruiz
 Lighting Designer  Olivier Wery



Among the soloists:

 Lisetta Cinzia Forte 

Shiri Hershkovitz  31.03.17, 04.04.17
 Dolarice Julie Bailly  
 Alberto Daniele Zanfardino 
  Enrico Casari  31.03.17, 04.04.17
 Filippo Laurent Kubla  
 Don Pomponio Enrico Maria Marabelli
 Madama La Rose Alexise Yerna
 Traversen Roger Joakim
 Anselmo Patrick Delcour


Chorus and orchestra of the Opera Royal de Wallonie, Liege


New production - Sung in Italian
English and Hebrew Surtitles
Duration: Two hours and a half



Tickets Price

 PREMIÈRE   210, 280, 345, 420, 470 NIS
 SUN-FRI   190, 252, 319, 388, 438 NIS
 SAT    207, 269, 334, 404, 453 NIS


* FRI 7.4.17  ,13:00   -   The performance is dedicated to the memory of our beloved Shimshon Zelig


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La gazzetta




The action takes place in the Aquila in Paris, a small hotel frequented by numerous groups of tourists.


Act I

Upon returning from a long trip around the world, Alberto is complaining that he has not been able to find a girl he likes anywhere. He meets Madama La Rose, the manageress of the hotel, and Mr. Traversen, an English eccentric and they are all chatting while waiting for the day’s news (La Gazzette.com).

Pomponio, a Neapolitan merchant, arrives at the hotel with his daughter Lisetta and his secretary Tommasino. He has placed an advertisement in La Gazzette extolling his daughter whom he wants to marry off preferably to a very rich suitor, and is expecting to receive hundreds of applicants. The hotel manager, Filippo, himself in love with Lisetta, is bewildered at her father’s mad behavior. At this very moment, two new customers enter the hotel: Anselmo and Doralice, his exuberant daughter. Lisetta returns with of lot of shopping bags. Alone with Filippo, she complains about her father, when Alberto arrives, making at once the connection with the young woman presented in La Gazzette. He tries to seduce her but Filippo stops him by claiming that Lisetta is his wife. However, when Doralice arrives, Alberto is once again certain that actually she is the young woman mentioned in La Gazzette. Since she is even more to his taste, all seems for the best. Alberto asks Pomponio for the hand of the woman he thinks is his daughter.

The two girls, accompanied by Filippo, return and Pomponio tells his daughter that he has just found her a husband. However, he gets Alberto’s surname wrong, calling him Filippo, to the great delight of the two people who think they have won the game. Pomponio calls Alberto who enters but cannot see the young woman he loves and is clearly astonished. Confusion reigns, especially since Lisetta and Filippo continue to proclaim their mutual love, which irritates Pomponio. Now he decides to put in another advertisement and invite the women of France to  marry him. Filippo now decides to play some dirty tricks on him. He starts by claiming to be married to Madama La Rose and that he is waiting for an important person, a Quaker, who is coming to the hotel to marry Lisetta. Lisetta is informed by her father that Filippo is already married and so believes that she has been betrayed. At this moment, the grand Quaker arrives with his entourage, but it is actually Filippo in disguise. He immediately launches into a display of gallantry and, above all, confuses the clueless Pomponio even more yet Lisetta shows her disagreement. Pomponio tries in vain to convince his daughter. Her refusal provokes the simulated rage of the grand Quaker who makes a scene in the hall of the hotel and shouts loudly that he has been deceived and that he will destroy Pomponio.

Act II

Alberto talks things over with Traversen who claims that he has won the heart of Doralice and is waiting for the notary to formalize their union. At that moment, Filippo returns as himself and apologizes that he was not able to explain himself to Lisetta who after an initial anger admits that she will love him forever. Alberto is stunned by Traversen’s announcement. He would like to drive Doralice from his heart, but an inner voice tells him that the situation could well turn around. Filippo confirms Doralice’s love to Alberto and they join forces to challenge Pomponio to a duel because he had promised Lisetta to him and then refused to let him have her. Pomponio is anything but reassured at the idea of having to fight a duel with these two angry young men and his cowardice amuses the two partners in crime who do all they can to terrify him. At the end, Pomponio agrees to everything, very happy that he has managed to stay alive.

Filippo devises a new plan so that Alberto and he can run away with Doralice and Lisetta. To achieve this, they must all disguise themselves as Turks. Pomponio arrives and tells his daughter that she must leave the hotel with him. As they need to play for time, Madama La Rose suggests to Lisetta that she should pretend to faint. When she pretends to come round, she describes how in her dream she was welcomed by the heroes of the past who all denounced the narrow-minded attitude of her father: either he must make concessions or he will not see her again. Filippo announces the arrival of important guests from Turkey who arrive to hail the great Pomponio, who must first put on Turkish dress like theirs. Once they are all disguised as Turks and Pomponio can no longer find his daughter, Madama La Rose explains the true picture to these two blind fathers, telling them that their two daughters must be married to the men they truly love. Under duress, Pomponio and Anselmo make the best of a bad situation, forgive their daughters and accept their new sons-in-law. All’s well that ends well.


Back Stage Secrets

Back Stage Secrets at the Opera
Many Opportunities to Widen your Opera Experience

Do you want to know more about the opera you are about to attend? Do you want to find out some back stage secrets? Do you want to meet the artists after the performance? The Israeli Opera enables you to widen your opera experience with a variety of pre performance and post-performance events.

Towards Opening
On Saturday morning before the premiere, the creators of the production and several of the soloists gather to discuss the opera, the production, their own career and today’s opera world. This is a unique opportunity to learn as much as possible about the production and meet the director, conductor, designers and some of the participating soloists. Musical excerpts from the opera illustrate the discussion. Towards Opening takes place before some of each season’s productions.

Pre Performance Lecture
One hour before each opera performance there is a 30-minute introductory lecture in the auditorium (in Hebrew). Opera staffers present the opera and the production and enable the audience to get some extra information a short time before attending the performances. Admission is free for ticket holders.

Pre Performance Back Stage Tours
What happens backstage before the audience even thinks of getting dressed for the performance? What do the singers do? The conductor? The Technical teams? How does everyone prepare for the performance? A unique opportunity to taste a little bit of the back stage excitement before the curtain ascends/ A concerted half hour tour in places that are not usually open to the general public. Tours begin 90 minute before the performance begins and last 30 minutes. Tickets are 25NIS and can be booked in advance (tickets for each tour are limited). Tours take place on several evenings in each production. Details can be found at the Israeli opera’s website. Tours from groups both in Hebrew and in English can be booked in advance (sarah@tapac.org.il)

Opera Talkback
The curtain has just descended on the final scene of the opera. The hour is late. Nut the experience was riveting. This is the time to meet several of the performers. Come to listen and to speak. Ask questions. Meet the artists. A once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the artists who have just excited you on the stage. Opera Talkbacks takes place on the second level of the Opera House foyer and last around 30 minutes. Admission free. Opera Talkback takes place on several evenings in each production. Details can be found at the Israeli opera’s website. 


   Date Hour
 PREMIÈRE 29.3.17   20:00
 Back Stage Tours


 Opera Talkback


After the show
After the show
סוף בר ניווט לשוניות
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