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בר ניווט לשוניות
Mark Morris Dance Group

Mark Morris Dance Group

The poetic and graceful dancers of Mark Morris return to Israel after a long absence with two different programs featuring the best of the best of this high priest of modern dance whose works are always accompanied by live musicians. The featured opus in this tour is Falling Down Stairs to the music of Bach’s third solo cello suite.

Program A
FALLING DOWN THE STAIRS J. S.Bach–Third Suite for solo cello
CARGO Darius Milhaud–La création du monde, Op. 58
THREE PRELUDES Preludes for piano–George Gershwin
FESTIVAL DANCE Johann Nepomuk Hummel–Piano Trio in E Major, Op.83

Tue. 2.2.2016 20:00
Thu. 4.2.2016 20:00
Sat. 6.2.2016 16:00 Dates

Program B
PACIFIC Lou Harrison–Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano, third and fourth episodes FALLING DOWN THE STAIRS J. S.Bach–Third Suite for solo cello SILHOUETTES Richard Cumming–Silhouettes–Five Pieces for Piano
THE Johann Sebastian Bach arr. for piano four hands by Max Reger–  Brandenburg Concerto No.1 in F Major, BWV 1046

Wed. 3.2.2016 20:00
Fri. 5.2.2016 13:00
Sat. 6.2.2016 21:00 Dates

"It’s gorgeous and exquisitely timed… Lovely,
full of romantic sweet and balletic grace." (The Boston Globe)

סוף בר ניווט לשוניות
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