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Boris Eifman Ballet

Boris Eifman Ballet
Tender Is the Night (Up & Down) and Rodin

Choreographer: Boris Eifman

Tender Is the Night (Up & Down)

Russia's leading neo classical ballet company returns to Israel presenting Boris Eifman's newest creation – Up & Down. Efiman's superb dancers will mesmerize the audience yet again as they have done in the company's many previous tours to Israel.

THU           23.7.15             20:00
FRI 24.7.15 13:00
SAT 25.7.15 17:00

Music: Ravel, Saint-Saens, Massenet

Boris Eifman presents the life of famous French sculptor Rodin and his muse Camille Claudel in an intriguing dance work in which the dancers recreate on the stage Rodin's famous sculptures with their own bodies.

SUN          26.7.15           20:00
MON 27.7.15 20:00
TUE 28.7.15


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