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בר ניווט לשוניות
Ballett Zürich - Romeo and Juliet

Ballett Zürich
Romeo and Juliet

(Photos by: Monika Rittershaus)

Choreographer Christian Spuck
Set Designer Christian Schmidt
Costume Designer           Emma Ryott
Lighting Designer Reinhard Traub
Music Sergei Prokofiev

75 performers bring to life the touching love story of all time – Shakespeare's young lovers from Verona. Spuck's new production for the wonderful dancers of the Ballett Zürich features the drama of the story through energetic and beautiful dancing.

THU 29.1.15 20:00
FRI 30.1.15 13:00
SAT     31.1.15     21:00
SUN 1.2.15 20:00
MON 2.2.15 20:00

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