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13-14 season

Between the Venetian canals, where music flourishes in the gondolas, a very special composer was born. Antonio Vivaldi's greatest dream was to study the violin and perform a duet with his father, the barber who was a great violinist, in the famous carnival. The redhead Antonio wrote music in the speed of lightening including his most famous work – The Four Seasons.Read more
Little Maurice liked to visit with his father the inventor and engineer many factories and also to play with him piano duets. He loved his Spanish mother and the traditional songs she sang to him. Maurice lived in his own special child world full with gods, fairies and animals which he portrayed in many of his works including the most popular Bolero. Read more
People dance everywhere. Each culture has its own dances. Dances depict joy, sadness, ecstasy and energy. In our program we will dance without stopping in a time travel machine starting at ancient cave dances and moving through the baroque court of Louis IV and gypsy dances in taverns to classical ballet, modern dance, as well as jazz, steps, Irish dances and much more.Read more
Tchaikovsky always dreamed to be a musician but his parents wanted him to be a lawyer. Little Piotr always heard music in his head and his nanny helped him write music to the many stories she told him. With her assistance he managed to tell stories through music and especially the many ballets he wrote including Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker and others. Read more
William Shakespeare was born with a lot of luck in a period in which everyone enjoyed games, sports, fairs and above all theatre. The Queen at the time, Elizabeth, loved theatre and she encouraged William to write many plays, both profound tragedies and witty comedies. In this program we will enjoy tales from his greatest plays, music and dances of the time, interwoven in the story of his childhood.Read more
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