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Dance Theatre of Harlem
Artistic Director: Virginia Johnson

This exciting American dance company returns to Israel after a long absence with a new program for local audiences, featuring its classical repertoire of tantalizing Afro-Caribean roots.

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"Watching the Harlem Dance Theatre was a wonderful experience which I enjoyed immensely. I forgot the hardships that I endured all my life." Nelson Mandela

Robert Garland
Music:                Francis Poulenc
Gloria is an exultant new work by resident choreographer Robert Garland that celebrates
the rich cultural milieu to which the return of the Dance Theater of Harlem Company adds a note of triumph.

Robert Garland
Music:                Aretha Franklin and James Brown
A rousing blend of the elegance of classical ballet and the gritty drive of funk Return is a
quintessential DHL ballet. To songs of Aretha Franklin and James Brown, Garland has pushed the boundaries of pointe work while capturing the flavor and vitality of
popular American social dances of the 1960's and 70's.

Black Swan
Choreographer: Marius Petipa
Music:                Tchaikovsky

Choreographer: Donald Byrd
Music:                 Amon Tobin
Master choreographer Donald Byrd pushes the boundaries of classical technique to create an
edgy exploration of modern-day male/female relationships.

THURS 30.5.13 20:00
FRI 31.5.13 13:00
FRI 31.5.13 21:30
SAT 1.6.13 21:00
SUN 2.6.13 20:00

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