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Rock the Ballet
Bad Boys of Dance

Director Rasta Thomas
Choreographer          Adrienne Canterna

The dance extravaganza that is taking the world by storm! Charismatic and sexy young men and women dance in a high voltage evening to the music of Queen, Prince, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, U2 and many others including Maria Callas.
Call it acrobatic ballet or virtuoso Rock Dance, Rock The Ballet succeeds in blending ballet, hip hop, tap, contemporary and awesome acrobatics into an amazing evening of high energy entertainment.

"Virile muscular athleticism… Absolutely dazzling dancing." The Boston Globe

THURS 1.11.12 20:00
FRI 2.11.12 13:00
SAT 3.11.12 21:00
SUN 4.11.12 20:00
MON 5.11.12 20:00

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