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The heritage of the great priestess of American modern dance is presented by the company she created and that dances her magical works till this very day. Two programs featuring works by Martha Graham and one work by Robert Wilson dedicated to Graham.

 Program A
Works by Martha Graham
(Embattled Garden (1958
(Chronicle (1936
(Deaths and Entrances (1943
(1990)  Maple Leaf Rag

Program B
Appalachian Spring by Martha Graham (1944)
Snow on the Mesa by Robert Wilson (1995)

Further Details:
Martha Graham Dance Company's site


Program A
TUES 1.11.11 20:00, THURS 3.11.11 20:00, FRI 4.11.11 13:00, SAT 5.11.11 20:00

Program B
WED 2.11.11 20:00, FRI 4.11.11 21:00  

Ticket Prices: 149/186/239/269/299 Nis

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