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Wessell Anderson           alto sax
Rosario Giuliani alto sax

Robert Anchipolovsky

alto sax
Orrin Evans piano
Gilad Abro bass
Donald Edwards drums

The final concert of the season will feature a one time project in which three alto saxophonists will pay tribute to the musician who molded the alt saxophone music in modern jazz and was one of the major founders of Bebop - Charlie Parker. American Wessell Anderson is known to have a deep and warm sound, a jazz educator and one or Parker's followers. Together with the other musicians assembled for this event, he will perform special arrangements of Parker's music and other known standards which Parker has performed on stage and in the recording studios.

“Wess Anderson's saxophone playing is a reflection of his personality  - expressive, engaging, aggressive and pointed at the right moment."
Scott Jordan, The Independent

“Rosario Giuliani is one of the freshest and fiercest saxophone sounds to have emerged in Europe in recent years."
John Fordham, The Guardian

“Robert is one of the most talented young alto sax players I ever heard.”
 Jazz legend Phil Woods


Fri 21.5.10 (22:00)

Ticket Prices: 115/162/199 Nis

Length of performance: approx. two hours

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