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Steve Richko           piano
Paul Keller bass

Pete Siers

Annie Sellick vocals

The importance of pianist Oscar Peterson and singer Ella Fitzgerald in the jazz annals in known to one and all. These two icons have collaborated in numerous occasions in performances and studios alike, and together they have brought numerous magical moments to music lovers all over the world. Pianist Steve Richko, one of the young and promising talents on the American scene, will perform with his trio repertoire that was composed and performed by Oscar Peterson. In the second part of the concert they will be joined by singer Annie Sellick who will perform famous standards from The American Song Book as a homage to its greatest vocal interpreter, Ella Fitzgerald.

“Steve Richko's musical star is just now rising and the sky is the limit for this amazing jazz sensation!"
All About Jazz Website

“Ella's playfulness, Carmen's attitude, Betty's instincts and Anita's flair - what singer possesses such gifts yet has her own distinct sound? Annie Sellick. She touches everyone.”
Greg Lee, program director WMOT Jazz Radio


Fri 16.4.10 (22:00)

Ticket Prices: 115/162/199 Nis

Length of performance: approx. two hours

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