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Nicola Stilo           flute and guitar
Michela Lombardi vocals

Tony Pancella

Giorgio Roscigilione bass
Massimo Manzi drums

Legendary trumpeter and singer Chet Baker, whose exciting life story tantalized may jazz afficionados, became after his death a major star and is considered one of the most unique and personal voices in the world of modern jazz. Baker continues to influence many jazz musicians who continue in his footsteps, his tradition and the sound which he shaped in his playing and singing. Flutist and composer Nicola Stilo, who performed and recorded with Baker in the last decade of his life, will lead an ensemble that will perform the repertoire Baker was used to perform in his last years. In the second part of the concert singer Michela Lombardi will join the ensemble.

“Nicola Stilo does not sound like anyone, he’s just himself, a mature independent and original soloist.”
Jazz critic Franco Fayens

“Michela Lombardi has returned Chet’s favor by making her own exquisite use of the songs he loved and recorded.”
Alan Bargebuhr, Cadence Magazine


Fri 27.11.09 (22:00)

Ticket Prices: 115/162/199 Nis

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