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    West Side Story

    West Side Story

    Leonard Bernstein


    Book: Arthur Laurents
    Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim after William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
    First Performance:  Washington D.C., August 20, 1957
    First Peformance at the Israeli Opera: September 2, 2009

    Original Direction and Choreography Jerome Robbins

    Conductor           Donald Chan
    Revival Director and Choreographer Joey McKneelly
    Set Designer Paul Gallis
    Costume Designer Renate Schmitzer
    Lighting Designer Peter Halbsgut


    Soloists and dancers of the international tour  (Broadway and West End)

    Maria           Ali Ewoldt
    Kendall Kelly
    Tony Chad Hilligus
    Scott Sussman
    Anita Oneika Phillips
    Bernardo Emmanuel De Jesus Silva
    Riff Michael Jablonski
    Doc Steve Brady
    Officer Krupke Chris Van Vleet
    Chino Antonio Jumenez

    Raanana Symphonette Orchestra
    Sung in English
    Surtitles in Hebrew
    Surtitles: Ehud Manor

    Length of performance: approx. two and a half hours

    The 50th anniversary production of Bernstein's most operatic musical comes to Israel, as part of its worldwide tour replete with “I Feel Pretty”, “Tonight” and “America”!.


    Production's Album

    Photos: Yossi Zwecker        

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    Wed 2.9.09 (20:00), Thurs 3.9.09 (20:00), Fri 4.9.09 (13:00, 21:00),

    Sat 5.9.09 (16:00, 21:00), Mon 7.9.09 (20:00), Tues 8.9.09 (20:00),

    Wed 9.9.09 (20:00), Thurs 10.9.09 (20:00), Fri 11.9.09 (13:00, 21:00),

    Sat 12.9.09 (21:00), Sun 13.9.09 (20:00), Mon 14.9.09 (20:00),


    "This show is one of the towering achievements of musical theatre of the last century. It makes your spine tingle and heart sing." (The Guardian)

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