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08-09 Season

Little Johannes Brahms, called Hans by one and all, insisted to play just the piano. But his father wanted the little boy to play on a more useful instrument such as the violin, viola or flute and become an orchestra musician. Sumptuous music including the Hungarian Dances and famous songs performed by a singer, dances, string quartet and piano. Read more
Johnny was born in New Orleans and dreamed to play jazz, the music which he always heard in his home town. But Johnny's mother was afraid that he will roam in the neghiborhoods where jazz was being played. But Johnny did not give up and became a great saxophone player and also fought against racism. A program of electrifying blues, rag, swing and jazz music performed by a singer, dancers and a jazz band.Read more
Edvard Grieg was a day dreaming child. He was deeply drawn to the world of his imagination and music was the love of his life. He studied piano with his mother and his parents sent him to study music in Germany. Upon his return to his homeland he became Norway's national composer and was the first to draw through his music trolls in his sublime composition Peer Gynt. Performed by a singer, dancers, string quartet and piano.Read more
Little Felix Mendelssohn was a child prodigy. He came from a very rich family and had a very happy childhood. He was a beautiful boy and a mischievous one. Felix had a wild imagination and he spent a lot of his time in his own fairy tale world. This is why he loved Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream to which he composed beautiful music. Performed by dancers, piano, string quartet and flute. Read more
Manos Hajidakis was born in Greece. He wrote many beautiful songs that we all know and love, music for the concert hall, for theatre and for film and even won an Oscar. A program of sizzling Greek rhythms with original dances performed by an ensemble playing on authentic Greek instruments, singing and dances.Read more
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