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    Barnea Nadav, lighting designer

    Barnea Nadav, lighting designer

    Barnea Nadav, lighting designer (Enlarge)

    Nadav Barnea, Creator and Lighting Designer, Born in Israel. He is a light and sound artist, an independent musician and lighting designer for theatre, dance, television and film. He has designed lighting for numerous theatre productions at the Gesher, Cameri, Habimah and Beer Sheva theatre companies including for The Bride and the Butterfly Catcher, The Son, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Winter Funeral, Lolita, Scenes from a Marriage, Fathers and Sons, Daytona Beach, Alice, Peter Pan, The Picture of Dorian Grey, Falling Out of Time, he God of Vengence, The Perpetual Mourner, Lovesick of Nana Street and others. He designed lighting and composed the music for Birds at the Vienna Burgtheater. He designed lighting for many dance works including Fugue in Crimson for the Batsheva Dance Company. He composed music for theatre plays, film, dance and television His debut album, On Life and Death (2013), featured several renowned Israel musicians. At the Israeli Opera he designed lighting for Mothers (Sebba), The Four Seasons and for The Sopranos concerts in Eilat and at the opera house.


    His works at the Israeli Opera:

    Orfeo ed Euridice (2024)

    Hanoch Levin - The Opera (2024)

    Lucia di Lammermoor (2024)

    Requiem (2023)

    Mothers (2021)

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