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    Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk

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    Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk

    Dmitri Shostakovich




    Libretto: The composer and Alexander Preys based on a story by Nikolai Leskov

    First performance: Leningrad, January 22, 1934

    2nd version (Katerina Izmaylova), Moscow, January 8, 1963

    First performance at the Israeli Opera: January 5, 1997

    First performace of this production at the Israeli Opera: December 12, 2006

    Conductor          Vladimir Ponkin
    Director Dmitri Bertman
    Set and Costume
    Igor Nezhny
    Tatiana Tulubieva 





    Katerina Izmailova Karina Grigorian
    Elena Mikhaylenko
    Boris Timofeevich Izmailov Sergey Toptygin
    Andrey Serov
    Zinovi Borisovich Izmailov Dmitri Ponomarev
    Sergey Nikolai Dorozhkin
    Police Sergeant  Andrey Vylegzhanin
    Aksinia/ Woman Convict Julia Goncharova
    Sonyetka Larrisa Kostyuk
    Ksenia Viaznikova
    Priest/Old Convict  Alexey Tikhomirov
    Mill hand Dmitri Ovchinnikov
    Yard Keeper Artem Chulkov
    Salesman Eugene Ilin
    Teacher Andery Palamarchuk
    First Worker Maxim Petrov
    Second Worker Andrey Palamarchuk
    Third Worker Ilia Ilin
    Drunk Guest/ Horse Driver Maxim Petrov


    The Helikon Opera Theatre Choir
    The Helikon Opera Theatre Orchestra
    Surtitles: Israel Ouval
    Sung in Russian
    Surtitles in English and Hebrw

    A diabolic love affair about a woman who turns a sereil killer in order to satisfy her burning lust to her young lover.



    Tues 12.12 (20:00), Wed 13.12 (20:00), Thurs 14.12 (20:00)

    Twoards opening: Sat 9.12 (11:00)

    Before the show back stage tous: Wed 13.12 (19:00)


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