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    Madama Butterfly

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    Madama Butterfly

    Giacomo Puccini



    Libretto:  Luigi Illicia & Giuseppe Giasca

    First Performance: Teatro alla Scala, Milano, February 17, 1904

    First Peformance at the Israeli Opera: December 16, 1995

    First Performance of this production: April 9, 2008


    Conductor           Daniel Inbal
      Omer M. Wellber 18.4, 21.4, 22.4
    Director Mariusz Trelinski
    Set Designer Boris Kudlicka
    Lighting Designer Joan Sullivan Gent
    Costume Designers Magdalena Teslawska
    Pawel Grabarczyk


    Emil Wesolowski


    [Madama Butterfly]
    Hiromi Omura
    Larissa Tetuev 10.4, 12.4, 16.4, 18.4, 22.4
    F.B Pinkerton

    Zoran Todorovich

    Yotam Cohen 11.4, 15.4, 17.4, 22.4

    Jonathan Summers

    Vladimir Braun 11.4, 13.4, 16.4, 18.4, 21.4
    Suzuki Svetlana Sandler
    Goro Joseph Hu
    Joseph Almog Aridan 11.4, 12.4, 16.4, 21.4, 22.4
    Prince Yamadori Noah Briger
    Bonzo Alexi Kanonikoff
    Kate Pinkerton Noa Danon
    Imperial Comissario Anatoli Krasik
    Ufficial del registro Ville Lignell

    The Israeli Opera Chorus

    Conductor: Yishai Steckler

    The Opera Orchestra - The Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon LeZion

    Surtitles: Israel Ouval 

    Sung in Italian
    Surtitles in English and Hebrew

    Renowned Polish director, Mariuz Trelinsky, presents the story of the young Japanese geisha who kills herself once she grasps that the love of the past led to a present with no honor.


    Production Album

    Photos: Yossi Zwecker        




    *Wed 9.3 (20:00), Thurs 10.4 (20:00), Fri 11.4 (13:00), Sat 12.4 (20:00),

    Sun 13.4 (20:00), Tues 15.4 (20:00), Wed 16.3 (20:00), Fri 18.4 (13:00)

    Mon 21.4 (20:00), Tues 22.4 (20:00)

    Towards opening: Sat 5.4 (11:00)

    Before the show back stage tours: Thurs 10.4(19:00), Sun 13.4 (19:00), Wed 16.3 (19:00)

    * Premiere


    "What an Amazing Production...For many years I am following great opera productions around the world, but I have never seen such a stunning production of Madama Butterfly in my life. This is a production with style, with sensitivity. It is a festivity of creative imagination which allows the singers to blossom. What an amazing production!
    The stage designed by Boris Kudilka is stunning in its simple beauty. Japanese soprano Hiromi Omura soars with a wonderful voice and excites with singing full of amazing subtleties. Israeli mezzo Svetlana Sandler as Suzuki is superb showcasing a warm velvety voice and humane expression."
    (Hanoch Ron, Yediot Aharonot, April 11, 2008)
    "This is one of the most impressive productions in the history of the Israeli Opera because of the director and the set designer."
    (Hagai Hitron, Haaretz, April 10, 2008)
    "This is one of the most beautiful productions that were presented by the Israeli Opera. The production is modern but in the best sense of the word. The moment in which Butterfly arrives to the wedding is visually breathtaking. The lighting is sublime. This is a production and design that should not be missed. Larissa Tetuev is the star of this show and she is very exciting as Butterfly. Jonathan Summers was the authoritative consul and Zoran Todorovic impressed with his rich and beautiful voice as Pinkerton."
     (Omer Shomroni, Globs, April 15, 2008)

     “Never in my long life have I seen such an excellent production of Madama Butterfly. But it’s not just that. This is one of the most beautiful productions I have ever seen at the opera.”
    (Placido Domingo)

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