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בר ניווט לשוניות

Orfeo ed Euridice in Akko

Christoph Wilibald Gluck

New production


Libretto: Ranieri De'Calzabigi


The mythical poet Orfeo arrives at the Crusaders’ Court in Akko in his journey towards hell in a special production created for the Akko Opera Festival.

Conductor Ethan Schmeisser
Director Julia Pevzner
Director & Choreographer Itzik Galili
Set & Costume Designer Niv Manor
Lighting Designer Ziv Volushin
Video Designer Yair Katznelson
Sound Designer Yuval Zilberstein




Orfeo                                    Alon Harari
Euridice Alla Vasilevitsky
Amor Yael Levita


The Moran Singers Ensemble

The Israel Camerata Orchestra, Jerusalem


Sung in Italian

English and Hebrew Surtitles
Translation: Israel Ouval

Duration: Aprox one and a half hours without intermission 


Euridice is dead. Orfeo laments her death. He calls to his beloved and in despair decides to join her in the kingdom of the dead. Amor, the god of love, appears, telling Orfeo that the gods will allow him to descend into the realm of the dead. If he will be able to placate the furies, who guard the dead people, with his singing, he may bring Euridice back to life. There is however one condition: Orfeo must not look at his wife until they are both together in the land of the living.
Orfeo arrives at the gates of hell and tries to convince the furies to grant him admission. Eventually his singing bewitches the furies and Orfeo enters, seeking Euridice who is brought in front of him.
Orfeo pleads with Euridice to follow him. However, she begs for some sign of tenderness and comfort from her husband. Orfeo rushes her to move forward but at the end, he succumbs to her pleading and looks at her face. Euridice falls lifeless to the ground. Orfeo, having lost his wife for the second time, decides to take his own life. However, Amor intervenes yet again. Even though Orfeo did not keep his promise, he has suffered enough. Now the gods declare that the time has come to bring Euridice back to life once again and unite her with Orfeo.

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