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Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

David Sebba


This colorful opera encounters the child Alice with the fantastical creatures of wonderland including the Cat, the Mad Hatter and a Queen who does not like to lose.



 Libretto & Music  David Sebba
 Director   Gadi Schechter

 Bambi Friedman 

 Yonatan Kanner

 Illustration  Lucie Van Roosebeke
 Movement  Tom Idelson
 Lightning  Benzi Manor




 Alice  Rinat Goldmann 
   Hadar Atari
 Queen of Hearts / Cat  Bracha Kol
   Maya Bakstansky
 The Rabbit  Nimrod Grinboim
   Liran Kopel
 the Mad Hatte / The Caterpillar  Yair Polishook
   Roi Saruk
 Birds & Cards  Anastasia Klevan
   Tali Ketzef
   Goni Knaani
   Moran Abouloff
   Shira Raz
   Limor Ilan


The performances will be in Hebrew
And are intended for ages 4-9
The show will take an hour


We thank Leumi Bank for supporting the production of the show

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Alice in Wonderland
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