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בר ניווט לשוניות
The Show

Michel Fugain Live the Tel Aviv

The legendary Michel Fugain, one of France's greatest songwriters, will arrive in Israel at the end of July at the Performing Arts Center.
Fugain enters the French pantheon with songs such as "This is an old story", "Fly like a bird" and "Shalom Shalom Olam" comes to one show in Israel with the great hits and chansons that have reached the top of the charts in Israel and abroad.
The hits we all love and recognize from the group "The Big Bazaar," the spectacular musical production created by Fugain in the 1970s and has attracted worldwide sympathy.
It was attended by actors, dancers and musicians, and since its rise, its songs have become classics and have gained worldwide performance.
The songs of the album were also translated into Hebrew by Ehud Manor and performed in a performance recorded by Danny Litani.
The success of the "Big Bazaar" in 1972 made him one of the most successful musicians in France and the leader of a genre in French pop.
Almost a decade after appearing in Israel once in 2009 at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem, he returns to a huge performance at the Tel Aviv Opera.



1000 fois j'ai entendu : Vous faites d'abord la musique ou les paroles?

Qu'est-ce qui vous a inspiré cette chanson ? Comment ça vous vient ? C'est un métier ou un passe-temps ? Un hobbie ?

Autant de questions qui prouvent la fascination qu'éprouvent les gens qui aiment les chansons, qu'elles soient populaires, engagées ou plus intimes pour cet "art immédiat" et ses mystères.

Michel Fugain remonte sur scène à Tel Aviv pour présenter un tout nouveau concert…

Au travers de l’interprétation de l’intégralité de ses plus belles chansons, Michel Fugain rend également hommage avec tendresse et émotion à ses auteurs.


סוף בר ניווט לשוניות
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