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בר ניווט לשוניות
Roby Roby

Original rock opera from Shani and Alon Eder, in collaboration with The Revolution Orchestra


Roby (Alon Eder) is your classic Tel Aviv single dude, connecting and dissociating from the world and from himself on a daily basis.
However, one night, between a beer and another shot, he meets Lucy (Yael Eisenberg) and something deep between them evolves.
Nevertheless, it’s still a one night stand, and when Lucy decides to back off – Roby's self-destructive voices are back to drive him crazy and to cement his heart all in all.
The voices, performed by Hemi Rudner (Greed), Efrat Gosh (Addiction) and Doron Talmon (Paranoia), are going to do all they have to take him back to familiar lonely roads, but Lucy’s still on his mind, all the time, all day long - may she break the spell and make him find a voice of his own?


Artistic Directors: Zohar Sharon, Roy Oppenheim
Writing and original music: Shani and Alon Eder
Director: Jason Danino Holt
Conductor: Roy Oppenheim
Orchestra arrangements: Avner Kelmer
Performing by the Revolution Orchestra and Alon Eder and Band.



 The Revolution Series is sponsored by
Sano: Diti and Alex Landesberg


סוף בר ניווט לשוניות
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