The Revolution Series at the Israeli Opera
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    The Revolution Series 2017-18

    An inspiring original series featuring The Revolution Orchestra
    The Revolution Orchestra, one of the sizzling, exciting and young musical organization creating in Israel these days, comes to the Opera House to present a series of four unique performance concerts.
    Music director Zohar Sharon and conductor Roi Oppenheim create and new and unique musical mosaic as they combine new electrifying music with genres like film, video art, dance and the world of rock.
    Each concert is a world by itself, a performance which is a beguiling experience of new music created especially for the specific event.
    (E)motion Without Movement a Musical Fantasy
    An original multidisciplinary work for an actor, an orchestra and video art.Read more
    14/09/2017 21:00
    Vertigo & The Revolution Orchestra
    A unique combination between Vertigo Dance Company and The Revolution OrchestraRead more
    20/01/2108 21:00
    Orchestra at the Movies
    An exciting encounter between live orchestral music and original animation films. A very unique collaboration of two art forms that will continue to fascinate you long after the curtains closeRead more
    30/04/2018 21:00
    Roby Roby - Rock Opera
    The Revolution Orchestra joins Alon Eder and bandcamp for an original rock operaRead more
    14/06/2018 21:00
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