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    The Israeli Opera Festival in Jerusalem - Rigoletto

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    by Giuseppe Verdi


    The opera festival at the Sultan’s Pool in Jerusalem continues this year with one of Verdi’s most popular operas – Rigoletto. The story of the duke’s jester and his horrific tragedy which comes to life through Verdi’s beguiling musical numbers is presented by the walls of the old city of Jerusalem.  



    Libretto: Francesco Maria Piave 


    Conductor     Francesco Cilluffo
    Original Director David Pountney
    Director Julia Pevzner
    Stage Designer  Stefanos Lazaridis
    Costume  Designer                   Sue Wilmington
    Lighting Designer    Eyal Levi
    Sound designer Yuval Zilberstein


     Rigoletto                                  Boris Statsenko
     Gilda  Hila Fahima
     The Duke Salvatore Cordella
     Maddalena  Oksana Volkova
     Sparafucile Mikhail Kolelishvili
     Monterone  Noah Briger
     Marullo  Oded Reich
     Borsa  Guy Mannheim
     Ceprano  Yair Polishook
     Giovanna  Anat Czarny
    Countess Ceprano Tali Ketzef
     Maid Shahar Lavi
     Usciere Matanel Vakhtang Megrrelidze 


    The Israeli Opera Chorus 
    Chorus Master: Ethan Schmeisser


    The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, IBA


    Sung in Italian

    English & Hebrew Subtitles

    Translation: Israel Ouval


    Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes


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