Yabin Wang Dance Company - The Moon Opera


Choreographer:  Yabin Wang  
Music: Guo Sida & Olga Wojciechowska


Yabin Wang is China’s superstar, a contemporary athletic dancer, best known for her incredible dance in the film House of Flying daggers , directed by Zhang Yimou. She has collaborated with a multi-disciplinary team of award winning film, stage, light designers and composers, to unveil a dramatic modern-day love story, based on a novel by Bi Feiyu. Combining wonderfully Western and Chinese aesthetics, it tells of a dancer constantly struggling between her dreams and harsh realities, in her quest to become a professional star dancer while maintaining her love and her family.


“Chinese and contemporary dance as Yin and Yang... an amazing performance!” (Financial Times, London)


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Ya BingWang Dance Company - The Moon Opera (China)
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