Countess Maritza


Emmerich Kalman




Countess Mariza is one of the most beloved operettas in the repertoire. A tale of mistaken identities, love and despair, white lies and a lot of bubbling Hungarian melodies. The operetta wizards from Budapest return to Israel with a production full of pure operetta delights.


Libretto: Julius Brammer and Alfred Grunwald


 Conductor  Laszlo Maklary
 Director  Miklos-Gabor Kerenyi - KERO


The soloists, chorus and dancers of the Budapest Operetta Theatre


Sung in Hungarian
English and Hebrew Subtitles

Duration: Two hours and 45 minutes


Tickets Price

 PREMIÈRE   210, 280, 345, 420, 470 NIS
 SUN-FRI   190, 252, 319, 388, 438 NIS
 SAT    207, 269, 334, 404, 453 NIS


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The young gypsy fortune-teller Manja reveals there is something unusual about the new bailiff, Béla Török: he is not what he seems to be. Török is in reality Count Tassilo, whose family has become impoverished, obliging him to take the job of bailiff under a false name. Tassilo laments his unkind fate, and the way it has robbed him of his previously well-heeled life.


Countess Maritza, the young, beautiful but strong-minded owner of the estate, is about to arrive for a supper which will celebrate her engagement. Maritza, however, has no intentions of giving up her freedom in order to marry. To put off her many suitors, she has invented a fictional fiance, Baron Koloman Zsupán. Tassilo, as bailiff, is in charge of organizing all the varied details of the supper for Maritza and her 30 guests. He is horrified to see that his sister Lisa is among Maritza's guests and begs her not to reveal his identity.


To Maritza's amazement, a real-life Zsupán arrives, all set to marry her and take her off to his own estates. Despite herself, Maritza is quite attracted to Zsupán while Tassilo feels sadder than ever. Maritza rethinks her position and is again resolved to avoid marriage. When Manja reads her palm and predicts that she will fall in love within four weeks, she cancels her plans to return to Budapest, where would-be suitors are always prowling after her and, instead, remains on her estate. There, she fancies, she will be safe from predatory males who want her money. By now Zsupán finds he prefers Lisa to Maritza and Lisa reciprocates his feelings.

In spite of herself, Maritza is attracted to her bailiff and wonders how things would be a simple village girl whom he could love. Prince Popolescu, an elderly admirer, tells Maritza that her bailiff is really a nobleman in disguise who is after her money and Maritza insults Tassilo rudely.


The next day, Tassilo arrives to wind up his estate work and say goodbye. Though obviously in love, he is as proud as Maritza and neither will take the initiative towards reconciliation. Maritza, however, has thought of a way round the problem. She writes a reference for Tassilo which is no reference at all, but a marriage proposal. "Though as a bailiff you won't do," the note runs, "as a husband I would welcome you." Tassilo, delighted, accepts this unusual invitation. He takes Maritza in his arms, Zsupán does the same with Lisa, and all ends happily as they waltz all their worries away.

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Date Hour
 PREMIÈRE 13.6.17   20:00
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After the show
After the show

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