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A Tribute to Jo Amar
A homage to one of the founding fathers of Eastern song in Israel, Jo AmarRead more
Verdi’s Heroines, What I Did for Love
Verdi’s powerful heroines sacrifice themselves on the altar of true love after all is lost in their passionate love stories, which are bound to failRead more
Brahms - Requiem

Read more
A tribute to the Oran Group
A tribute to the Oran Group, an ensemble that was active in Wahran, Algiers before the civil war, creating music that blended European musical styles with the scales of the Maghreb.Read more
Orchestra at the Movies
An exciting encounter between live orchestral music and original animation filmsRead more
Love Is a Many Splendor Thing
Neapolitan love songs, Russian romances, French chansons and even some Yiddish delightsRead more
Umm Kulthum Forever
A celebration of the music of the giant Egyptian musicians of all time – Umm KulthumRead more
Alon Eder & Bandcamp
The Revolution Orchestra joins Alon Eder and bandcamp for an original rock operaRead more
Handel - MessiahRead more
Summer Delights – From Opera to Musical
A musical summit where the greatest and most popular opera highlights meet the best musicals in the repertoireRead more
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