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A Triple Celebration
Yusupov, Maisky
Rossini, Yusupov, Tchaikovsky, BeethovenRead more
Athens - Jerusalem
Dimitris Basis, king of the ”Laika”, will perform his most beloved hitsRead more
Romantic Trio – Love Letters
Clara Schumann – Three romances for violin and piano Opus 22
Robert Schumann – Songs form Dichterliebe (The Poet’s Love)
Brahms – Piano trio number 3 in c minor Opus 101Read more
Games of Love – Love is Many Splendored Thing
Fiery passion, true friendship, fatal attraction and dangerous liaisons in operas from Mozart through Donizetti to Verdi.Read more
A STANDARD REVOLUTION with Ester Rada and Geshem
Famous and enchanting standards of the greatest jazz composers become orchestral works in a concert full of grooveRead more
Sings of Weakness
A special orchestral version of Berry Sakharof and Rea Mochiach's masterpiece albumRead more
The Nine Sopranos - High Notes Galore
A special one-time program of popular highlights from operas and musicalsRead more
Gibraltar - a cultural bridge where Europe and Africa, Spain and Morocco, Flamenco guitar and the oud meetRead more
Mostly Tchaikovsky
Oren, Berman
Cohen, TchaikovskyRead more
The Kreutzer Sonata in Words and Music
Beethoven – Sonata for piano and violin in A Major, opus 47, Kreutzer sonata
Kreutzer - Capriccio number 24 in d minor (fuge) for violin solo
Janacek – String Quartet number 1, Kreutzer quartetRead more
Russian Storm
Boico, Soumm
Glinka, Glazunov, Tchaikovsky, RachmaninoffRead more

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