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    Lula Washington

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    Lula Washington dance theatre (Los Angeles)

    The Lula Washington Dance Theatre is a Los Angeles-based  Afro-American dance company that performs innovative and provocative choreography. It incorporates the dance styles of gospel church, classical ballet, modern and hip-hop with roots in African American culture.


    The company performs with “Freedom Jazz Movement” a quartet of exceptional musicians, and presents a creative colorful program.


    Lula Washington is admired as a teacher, dancer and choreographer with a very unique style and approach to dance. 


    “Despite her success, Lula remains a down-to-earth artist, activist and leader, committed to her art and her community” (New York Times).


    Search for Humanism – Choreography : Lula Washington
    Spontaneous Combustion – Choreography: Lula Washington
    We Wore the Mask – Choreography: Lula Washington
    Random Thoughts - Choreography: Lula Washington
    Angelitos Negros – Choreography:  Donald Mckayle
    – Choreography: Rennie Harris


    “If you like drama, jazz music and watching beautiful people doing beautiful things, you’ll love Lula Washington Dance Theatre.”  (Palm Beach Daily News)

    “…an evening-long explosion of style and attitude. This is an exciting company” (New Jersey Recorder)

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    Lula Washington dance theatre (Los Angeles)
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