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Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake

Music Piotr Illich Tchaikovsky
Director and Choreographer Matthew Bourne
Set and Costume Designer                      Lez Brotherston
Lighting Designer Rick Design

One of the most stunning and riveting versions of Swan Lake ever seen. Imaginative British choreographer Matthew Bourne creates his own very personal version of Swan Lake in which male dancers perform the company of swans. A powerful and sensuous performance which won accolades all over the world.

"Powerful and emotional truth. Strong scary men in bare chests and feathered thighs. This is one of the best Swan Lakes you will ever see!" (The Times)

TUE 3.6.14 21:00
WED 4.6.14 16:00
WED 4.6.14 21:00
THU 5.6.14 20:00
FRI 6.6.14 13:00
FRI 6.6.14 21:00
SAT 7.6.14 16:00
SAT 7.6.14 21:00
MON 9.6.14 20:00
TUE 10.6.14 20:00
THU 12.6.14 20:00
FRI 13.6.14 13:00
SAT 14.6.14 21:00

Level Ticket Price
Level 1                   399
Level 2 349
Level 3 299
Level 4 236
Level 5 179


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