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12-13 Season.

Wozzeck is a simple soldier trying to survive in an unjust world. His captain exploits him, he is the subject of scientific experiments conducted by the doctor, and his lover betrays him. One of the major operas of the 20th century in a riveting production. The story of Everyman who finds himself powerless against a suffocating society.Read more
Love and desire, passion, hate and spite in one of the most important and beautiful Verdi operas ever written. Based on Schiller's gripping drama, Luisa Miller features characters who are driven by dark intrigues and perform some of Verdi's most beautiful music.Read more
Menacing ghosts shatter the peaceful harmony in a picturesque British manor where two children try to come to terms with growing up. Britten's mesmerizing opera is based on a novella by Henry James.Read more
A grandiose Russian operatic epic following the rise and fall of Tsar Boris Godunov and his reign of terror against the boyars and the common people. Hundreds of participants in a production that is as relevant today as it was when Boris was on the throne.Read more
Verdi meets Shakespeare in a powerful musical drama in which the Moor Otello murders his Venetian wife Desdemona in a fit of uncontrolled jealousy created by the evil Iago.Read more
One of Verdi's most popular operas returns to the stage of the Israeli Opera in a colorful and spectacular production. A poignant love story that cannot end happily with some of Verdi's greatest music.Read more
The first visit to Israel of the Bolshoi Opera from Moscow presenting their spectacular production of Yevgeny Onegin, the most popular Russian opera in the repertoire. Pushkin's novella comes alive on the stage in Tchaikovsky's sweeping dramatic melodies.Read more
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