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    Giving Opportunities


    Reserve a seat- $5,000
    Reserve a seat forever at the Israeli Opera Auditorium with a bronze plaque in your name or in honor of someone who you choose. 

    Sponsor a Performance - $100,000
    A performance by the Israeli Opera will be performed in your honor or in the memory of a loved one. Credit will be given in the evening program.

    Sponsor Opera Hour for Underprivileged Children at the Opera House - $4,000
    45-minute opera show translated and performed in Hebrew mainly of children’s stories

    Student and Soldier Ticket Subsidies
    Each year, the Israel Opera’s ticket subsidies program allows Israeli students and soldiers the opportunity to attend a performance of the Israeli Opera.  This can be a life changing experience for many young adults, as usually it is their first time being exposed to arts and culture in such a meaningful way.  

    Purchase Opera Tickets
    By purchasing tickets and attending a performance at the Israeli Opera, you are doing your part to support our ongoing pursuit of excellence.

    For further details on donation options:
    Limor Sagi at or
    Tel: 03-69277782 Fax: 03-6954886

    Community Outreach

    Sponsor Opera in the Park - $450,000
    One of the greatest annual gatherings in Tel Aviv, Opera in the Park has become one of the greatest ways to bring Opera to the masses.  Sponsor all or part of the performance and receive recognition on all Opera in the Park advertising and signage.

    Sponsor a Children’s Hospital Performance - $3,000
    A single Children’s Opera performance will be performed in your honor or in the memory of a loved one. Credit will be given in the performance program. If possible, we will coordinate a performance during your visit to Israel so that you can attend and meet the children. 

    Adopt a Community

    By adopting a community, you will help each person of the community become a part of the world of opera.  You can choose your community based on population or location, and based on your level of support, provide them with everything from opera education and exposure to the experience of producing and starring in a full-scale opera production in their community. 
    Sponsor a Community Opera - $120,000
    Your contribution will help strengthen the social fabric of Israeli society by bringing the Israeli Opera into a community for 6-12 months to help them learn about, produce and perform a full-scale opera production. We will coordinate with your travel schedule so that you will be able to attend the performance that you sponsor.

    Sponsor a Community Concert
    Provide a community of your choice with a special concert with Israeli opera soloists, guest artists and an orchestra.  For many communities, this is their first experience with opera and classic music.  Some past community concerts have taken place in Druze villages and Negev communities.

    Community Education

    Adopt a Classroom’s Opera Education - $7,000
    By sponsoring a classroom, you will provide them with an opportunity to learn about Opera via special lectures and presentations in their classroom.  You will also be sponsoring their attendance to the Aida performance at Mt. Masada which will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for these young students.  If possible, we will coordinate a meeting between you and your classroom during Aida so that you can meet the students.

    Adopt a Singer - $15,000
    By adopting a Studio Singer, you are contributing to the future of arts and culture in Israel.  You can sponsor one of the Israeli Opera’s rising stars and support their growth as a performer and vocalist during their two-year participation in our excellent program. 

    For further details on donation options:
    Limor Sagi
    at or
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