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Modest Mussorgsky, Pictures at an Exhibition

One of Mussorgsky's best friends died at an early age and Modest was very sad. As he attended an exhibition in memory of his painter friend, he burst crying, and then returned home running and wrote music that captures exactly ten pictures from that exhibition. We will retell the story of this work and how Modest managed to imitate the voices of nature in his music: winds, flowing water, various animals, human beings, feelings, atmosphere just as in a story, just as in a movie. The music will be performed by two pianists, percussion musicians and dancers.

Tues 12.1.10      17:00 , 18:30
Wed 13.1.10 17:00 , 18:30
Thurs  14.1.10 17:00 , 18:30

Ticket Price: 85 Nis

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