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    09-10 Season

    This is the exciting and funny story of the childhood of little Johann Sebastian Bach who became an orphan at the age of 10 and lived with his stern brother Christoph, with whom he battled over the right to compose music. The program will feature excerpts from the second suite for flute and strings, the air on G string and other works by Bach, performed by musicians playing on authentic instruments, a singers and dancers.Read more
    One of Mussorgsky's best friends died at an early age and Modest was very sad. As he attended an exhibition in memory of his painter friend, he burst crying, and then returned home running and wrote music that captures exactly ten pictures from that exhibition. We will retell the story of this work and how Modest managed to imitate the voices of nature in his music: winds, flowing water, various animals, human beings, feelings, atmosphere just as in a story, just as in a movie. The music will be performed by two pianists, percussion musicians and dancers.Read more
    Little Bela was curious and most talented. He discovered a whole world of dances, melodies, folk tales and gypsy tribes and was charmed by the Danube river that passed through villages from which he could hear the sounds of Hungarian and Romanian folk dances. Join us on this sizzling musical journey performed by dancers and musicians.Read more
    This program brings to our audience a one act opera which Mozart composed at the age of 12, in a staged production and sung in Hebrew. In our version this opera travels over a few centuries and arrives at a 1960s club with the colors, rhythms and frenzy of the period. This colorful production features singers, musicians, dancers and Nitza Shaul herself as the magician Kolas, who owns the club.Read more
    The season ends with the story of the unforgettable quartet from Liverpool and the songs of Lennon and McCartney about which Leonard Bernstein said that they as good as the songs of Schumann. Liverpool in the 1960s with the story of the four guys who became a legend in their own lifetime and with their music performed by musicians, singers and dancers. Read more
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