Madama Butterfly at the Israeli Opera

    The Jazz Series

    Legendary trumpeter and singer Chet Baker, whose exciting life story tantalized may jazz afficionados, became after his death a major star and is considered one of the most unique and personal voices in the world of modern jazz. Baker continues to influence many jazz musicians who continue in his footsteps, his tradition and the sound which he shaped in his playing and singing. Flutist and composer Nicola Stilo, who performed and recorded with Baker in the last decade of his life, will lead an ensemble that will perform the repertoire Baker was used to perform in his last years. In the second part of the concert singer Michela Lombardi will join the ensemble.

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    Duke Ellington, a composer, pianist and big band leader, whose career spanned many decades from the late 1920s to the 1970s is for many the real essence of jazz, a musician who has influenced the world of jazz in numerous ways and has left his artistic mark on this sizzling art form. In this special homage to Ellington, pianist Toshiko Akiyoshi, an orchestra leader and a composer by her own right, will perform in her Israeli debut in a quartet together with saxophone player and flutist Lew Tabackin. They will play some of Ellington's greatest numbers, side by side with some of Akiyoshi's own original jazz music.Read more
    Drummer Art Blakey lead his Jazz Messengers ensemble for many years in which the jazz became the "classical music of the 20th century" and was a central figure in the development of the Hard Bop style which characterized the record company Blue Note during the 1950s and 1960s. The American jazz star ensemble One for All is in more than one may the straight follower of the heritage of the Jazz Messengers, also featuring three winds players in the forefront and playing similar musical material.
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    The importance of pianist Oscar Peterson and singer Ella Fitzgerald in the jazz annals in known to one and all. These two icons have collaborated in numerous occasions in performances and studios alike, and together they have brought numerous magical moments to music lovers all over the world. Pianist Steve Richko, one of the young and promising talents on the American scene, will perform with his trio repertoire that was composed and performed by Oscar Peterson. In the second part of the concert they will be joined by singer Annie Sellick who will perform famous standards from The American Song Book as a homage to its greatest vocal interpreter, Ella Fitzgerald.Read more
    The final concert of the season will feature a one time project in which three alto saxophonists will pay tribute to the musician who molded the alt saxophone music in modern jazz and was one of the major founders of Bebop - Charlie Parker. American Wessell Anderson is known to have a deep and warm sound, a jazz educator and one or Parker's followers. Together with the other musicians assembled for this event, he will perform special arrangements of Parker's music and other known standards which Parker has performed on stage and in the recording studios.
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