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Artistic Director and Choreographer:    Eduard Lock
Music: Gavin Bryars based on Tchaikovsky's The Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake
Set Designer: Armand Vaillancourt
Costume Designer: Vandal
Litghing Designer: John Monro

Gevin Bryars
David Lang
Blake Hargreaves

Film Director, Det Designer & Editor: Eduard Lock

A new frentic twist to classical ballet, which creates choreography that is startling, bewildering and beautiful. Amjad draws on the most famous classical ballets, Swan Lake and The Sleeping Beauty, accompanied by a live piano quartet.

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Mon 12.1 (21:00), Tues 13.1 (21:00), Wed 14.1 (21:00)


"Amjad is an exhilarating memory trip and a brut assault all in one. It's a stunning tour-de force for the nine dancers. They deliver at speed no human being should be capable of..." (The Times, London)


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