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Raz Renana, choreographer

Raz Renana, choreographer (Enlarge)
Renana Raz was born in Israel. She is a multi-disciplinary artist, choreographer, dancer and actress whose works are characterised by the integration of various stage disciplines such as dance, theatre, puppetry, documentary materials, video art and performance art. Her works always challenge and re-examine the interaction between shape and content, creating a variety of innovative formats. She created the multi-disciplinary project YouMake ReMake which features a response to YouTube links on stage. Among her many works in Israel and abroad are The Diplomats, The Hearing, Wart, A run and others. She has created choreography for the Habimah, the Cameri and the Khan theatre companies. She has won numerous awards, grants and scholarships in Israel and Abroad. 

Her works at the Israeli Opera include:
Salome (2019)
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