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Community Opera

The Israeli Opera believes that Opera should be enjoyed by everyone regardless of location, economic situation or background. Further, we believe that including people in the process of creating an opera provides an engaging educational and community experience that cannot be duplicated. That is why the Israeli Opera created its Community Opera program- to not only take our productions to the people, but to make the people a part of our productions. 


Over a 6-12 month period of time, the Israeli Opera chooses an opera and translates it into Hebrew.  They then also adapt the storyline of the opera to fit the community that they are working in so that they can make it more relatable to that community. They then integrate into the production a large number of community members: dancers, actors and musicians, both adults and children. Throughout the course of the project, members of the community and the participating artists are engaged in cultural artistic activity and are exposed to the world of music, opera and theater. The artists of the community work closely with the Israeli Opera staff, as well as with professional opera singers and musicians of the Opera in order to create an authentic opera production.

While working on the production, the Israeli Opera maintains ongoing educational activities in the community neighborhoods to bring the residents closer to the fascinating world of opera. 
The Israeli Opera has successfully produced a number of community operas:
v    Carmen in Neve Eliezer
v    The Barber in Shchunat Hatikva
v    L'elisir d'amore in Ashkelon, Jerusalem, Ramlah ,Netanya, Afula, Tveria, Beit Shean, Ako
v    Cinderella in Tirat Hacamel, Netivot

The Israeli Opera reaches two-three communities each year and over 800 people with their community opera project. 

We invite you to support Community Opera.
For donations and further information please contact

Limor Sagi limor@tapac.org.il  
+972-3-6927848 Fax: +972-3-6954886

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