06-07 Season

    One of the most important baroque operas reaches the Israeli Opera for the first time. Gluck's mythological tale about the impossible love between Armide the enchantress, princess of Damascus, and the crusader hero Renaud is the basis of this tale of bursting emotions.Read more
    The tyrant Tsar, Boris Godonov, is the center of this powerful drama depicting one of the darkest moments in Russian history.Read more
    A diabolic love affair about a woman who turns a sereil killer in order to satisfy her burning lust to her young lover.Read more
    A mysterious troubadour and gypsies entangled in mistaken identities. The story of Count di Luna who courts the lady Leonora who is in love with a mysterious troubadour. One of Verdi's most beloved opera reaches the stage of the Israeli Opera for the first time in a coproduction with the Los Angeles and Washington DC opera houses.Read more
    One man, three ladies, three love stories in one huge drama. Hoffmann the poet contemplates the real essence of his three Imaginative love affairs. A riveting opera about the notion of and the search after true love in a colorful and impressive new production.
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    The great virtuosi of the Kirov return to Israel with their wizard of a conductor, Valery Gergiev, and perform Verdi’s last opera and his only comedy about the charming fat knight Sir John Falstaff who tries, with very little success, to woo the merry wives of Windsor in order to reach their husband’s purses.
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    Backstage mayhem. A young composer is on the verge of a nervous breakdown on the eve of his premiere. An irritating prima dona, a capricious tenor and a young and charming soprano are part and parcel of this vivacious production.
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    Who loves who? Who betrays who? And with whom? In Mozart’s school for lovers almost anything goes in love and war between the sexes. Two Italian sisters are in love with two army officers. But during one fatal attraction day all rules shatter when a very thin line separates the border between love and betrayal.
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    Three short operas about three powerfull women. Il tabarro features love and lust which end in murder. In Suor Angelica the heroine has to come to terns with the burst of emotions that know no boundaries and in Gianni Schicchi the young heroine, succeed against all odds, to marry her beloved in a witty satire about Florentine life.Read more
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