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    Israeli Music

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    Israeli Music

    You Have to Ring Twice
    Tal Ganor
    Nathan Alterman ; Moshe Wilensky
    Once upon a time, when Tel Aviv was smaller, two families used to share one apartment. So if you came to visit one family you had to ring the bell once, but if you came to visit the other family, you actually had to ring…twice!
    The Eucalyptus Grove
    The Israel Opera Sloists
    Naomi Shemer
    Naomi Shemer gave this canonic Israeli song to the first grade children of Cineret as a very special personal gift. Years have passed and we are proud to give it to you as a special operatic gift!
    My Home and Native Land
    The Israeli Opera Soloists
    Lea Goldberg ; Daphna Eilat
    This is a song that scores of musicians have performed through the ages. So how can we at the Opera do it in a new way? And then it dawned on us that a classical number as this song needs a really classical version. So here are Anat, Tal, Goni and Daniela with the Raanana Symphonette Orchestra in this rich and touching new arrangement by David Sebba
    Water to King David
    The Israel Opera Sloists
    Akiva Noff
    Once we heard that King david was thirsty the right thing was to ask Anat, Daniela, Goni and Tal to get some water and help him quench his thrist!
    There is a Place
    Daniela Skorka
    Amos Ettinger ; Dov Seltzer
    "There is a Place" is one of the most penetrating beauties from the repertoire of Israeli musical theatre shows, written by Dov Seltzer for Kasablan. Here it is performed by Daniela Skorka and the trumpet solo player in the orchestra is non other than Raz Arad, Daniela's partner.
    Dear Son Ephraim
    Goni Knaani
    Dear Son Ephraim is one of the canonic Israeli prayers and also turned into one of the icanonic Israeli songs of all times. If you know the tune then you are hooked at once and if not just listen to Goni Knaani sing it with the Raanana Symphonette Orchestra and you will get hooked!
    In The Country I Love
    The Israel Opera Sloists
    Lea Goldberg's ; Moni Amarilyo
    Lea Goldberg's is one of the iconic songs of our culture and history, capturing the essence of who we are and where we live.
    New Year Concert
    Celebrating the new Jewish year with a concert featuring the greatest hits of the Israeli songbook with David Sebba conducting the Raanana Symphonette orchestra and soloists Anat Czarny, Tal Ganor, Goni Knaani and Daniela Skorka.
    Hamoriko (The  Singing Donkey)
    Tal Ganor
    Nathan Alterman; Sasha Argov
    When Alterman and Argov created this wonderful delight about a bass-baritone donkey we could not resist. Under the baton of David Sebba and with the Raanana Symphonette Orchestra Tal Ganor brings us her exquisite rendition of the singing donkey!
    The Quarrel Duet
    Anat Czarny & Goni Knanni
    Nathan Alterman; Sasha Argov
    A very operatic rendition of the unique Mozartean quarrel duet between Na'ama, the wife of the cobbler Shalmai and Nofrit, the Egyptian leading wife of King Solomon from the greatest Israeli musical of all times – King Solomon and Shalmai the Cobbler.
    Lu Yehi (Let It Be)
    The Israel Opera Sloists
    Paul McCartney; Naomi Shemer
    Naomi Shemer translated the Beatles classic Let It Be and gave it beautiful Hebrew lyrics. Eventually she decided to write her own original music to these lyrics.
    Everything will be Fine
    The Israel Opera Sloists
    David Broza; Yehonatan Geffen
    Even when life is tough, we always know that a new day will dawn and things will get better. 12 Israeli Opera soloists meet the lyrics of Yehonatan Geffen and David Broza's music in a special arrangement created by David Sebba.

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