The Tsar's Bride

The Tsar's Bride

The Tsar's Bride

The Tsar's Bride
Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov

The Novaya Opera from Moscow returns to the Israeli Opera with a new production of one of the greatest classics of the Russian repertoire, a story of love, passion, jealousy, deceit and murder enveloped by the passionate music of Rimsky Korsakov.

New Production | Sung in Russian | Duration: Two hours and 30 minutes

Libretto: Ilia Tyumenev

Music Director Felix Korobov
Conductor Valery Kritskov
Choirmaster Andrey Lazarev
Director Yuri Grymov
Set Designer Vladimir Maximov
Costume Designer                                                         Maria Danilova

Grigory Gryaznoy Andjey Beletsky May: 8,11,13,15,19
Andrey Breus May: 9,12,14,16,18
Lyubasha Anna Victorova May: 8,11,13,15,19
Anastasia Bibicheva May: 9,12,14,16,18
Marfa, Sobakin's daughter  Galina Koroleva May: 8,11,13,15,19
  Victoria Shevtsova May: 9,12,14,16,18
Lykov, nobleman Aleksey Neklyudov May: 8,11,13,15,19 
Veniamin Egorov May: 9,12,14,16,18
Bomelius, the Tsar's physician Maksim Ostroukhov May: 8,11,13,15,19
Sergey Polyakov May: 9,12,14,16,18
Duniasha, Saburova's daughter and Marfa's friend Anna Sinitsyna May: 8,11,13,15,19
Alexandra Saulskaya Shulyatieva May: 9,12,14,16,18
Sobakin, Novgorod merchant Vitaly Efanov May: 7-9, 12
Vladimir Kudashev May: 11,13,14,18
Aleksey Tikhomirov May: 15,16,19
Malyuta Skuratov        Andrey Fetisov May: 8,11,13,15,19
                                                        Evgeny Stavinsky May: 9,12,14,16,18
Saburova, a merchant's wife  Olga Terentieva

English & Hebrew Surtitles
Translation: Israel Ouval

Day Date Hour  Back Stage Tours    Opera Talkback
FRI 8.5.15        13:00   
SAT 9.5.15 21:00
* MON     11.5.15 20:00
TUE 12.5.15 20:00 18:30 After the show
WED   13.5.15   20:00   18:30
THU 14.5.15 20:00 After the show
FRI 15.5.15 13:00
SAT 16.5.15 21:00
MON 18.5.15 20:00 18:30 After the show
TUE 19.5.15 20:00 18:30

* PREMIÈRE - 11.5.15
A pre-performance lecture (in Hebrew) is held one hour before every performance. Free admission for tickets holders.

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