Csardas Princess

Csardas Princess

Csardas Princess
Towards Opening

Csardas Princess
Emmerich Kalman

The Budapest Operetta Theatre comes to Israel with their splashy production of The Csardas Princess. This is a story in which eventually love conquers all, a celebration of sweeping operetta melodies, colorful costumes and music that sparkles like champagne.

Libretto: Béla Jenbach and Leo Stein

Conductor  Laszlo Maklary
Director  Miklos Gabor Kerenyi KERO®
Costumes Designer                      Fanni Kemenes
Set Designer  Agnes Gyarmathy
Choreographer  Gyorgy Gesler

Sylva Varescu Monika Fischl
Barbara Bordas
Edwin Ronald Zsolt Vadasz
Gergely Boncser
Countess Stasi Szilvi Szendy
Annamari Dancs
Graf Boni Miklos Mate Kerenyi
David Szabo
Feri von Kerekes Tamas Foldes
Leopold Maria Peter Mrik
Anhilte Bori Kallay
Arnold Sandor Gyorgy-Rozsa
Eugen von Rohnsdorff                  Gabor Dezsy-Szabo
Miska Andras Farago
Kiss, Notary

Soloists, dancers and chorus of the Budapest Operetta and Musical Theatre

Raanana Symphonette Orchestra with players from the Budapest Operetta Theatre

Surtitles in Hebrew and English

New Production
Sung in Hungarian
Duration: Three hours

Day         Date  Hour        back stage tours       Opera Talkback
*THU 12.12.13           20:00
FRI 13.12.13 13:00
13.12.13 21:30
SAT 14.12.13 16:30
14.12.13 20:30
MON 16.12.13 20:00 18:30 After the show
TUE 17.12.13 20:00 18:30 After the show
WED 18.12.13 20:00 18:30 After the show
THU  19.12.13 20:00 After the show
FRI 20.12.13 13:00
FRI 20.12.13 21:30
SAT 21.12.13 16:30
SAT 21.12.13 20:30

** TOWARDS OPENING - 14.12.13 SAT 11:00 
A pre-performance lecture (in Hebrew) is held one hour before every performance. Free admission for tickets holders.


Price: 175, 237,304, 378, 428 NIS
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