12-13 season

12-13 season

Don’t Pull My Pigtail

Haydn wrote beautiful, charming works that are also full of humor. The program features a string quartet, piano, singers and dancers.

20/11/2012 17:00

Carnival in Venice

Vivaldi, Bellini & Rossini
8/01/2013 17:00

Everyone Loves Carmen!

The program of Bizet’s hypnotizing music from Carmen, games for children and more, features musicians, singers and dancers.
5/03/2013 17:00

Johann the King of the Waltz

Johann Strauss Jr. is an amazing story of unlimited willpower. His charming waltzes and polkas accompany the program at a dizzying pace, with dancers, a string quartet and piano.
7/05/2013 17:00

Yossi, Smart Child of Mine

The program, with musicians, singers and dancers, features a selection of Sasha Argov unique, charming and beloved songs.

2/07/2013 17:00