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Deborah Colker Dance Company


Deborah Colker Dance Company

Creator, director and choreographer: Deborah Colker

In a collage of romantic mega hits, the dancers perform a collection of movemets with irony and elegance in which they investigate the physics of motion on a vertical stage, bringing the possibility of
a new vision of dance.

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"One of the most exciting evenings of dance in recent memory." The Washington Post

"Exhilarating, breath-taking stuff, the kind of adrenaline rush that you associate with the moments when the line between sport and art disappears and you're left with a moment of sheer physical beauty." The Guardian

WED 23.1.13 20:00
THURS 24.1.13 20:00
FRI 25.1.13 13:00
SAT 26.1.13 21:00

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