Forever Tango Opens the Dance Series at the Opera

The tango had its origin in the streets of Buenos Aires, in back alleys and in smoky cafes. It was a sexy dance for the masses, it was a dance of passion, it was the national Argentinean dance that has always been on the verge of becoming a classic. The tango used to be considered as nothing but a sultry Argentinean dance with lots of charm. But suddenly, in the last decades, the tango craze has reached the concert halls and dance theaters all over the world.

And now this tango craze comes to the opera house in Forever Tango, a sizzling tango evening that comes from Buenos Aires via Broadway and has already visited numerous dance halls all over the world and always to sensational audience and critical acclaim.

This is your opportunity to enjoy tango performed by superb Argentinean dancers, musicians and singers.
This is your opportunity to savor the magic of the tango in a show that opens a full season of international dance at the opera house.

Luis Bravo's Forever Tango is the tango show that stands above all other tango shows – an evening not to be missed!

Forever Tango - September 7-10  at the Opera House

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