Saber Dance in a Masked Ball

Saber Dance in a Masked Ball

The Childhood of Aram Khachaturian

Khachaturian loved music very much as a child but did not know to play an instrument or even read music before he was 20.He loved the Armenian and Georgian music which he heard at home and when he began studying in Moscow he mastered in two years what others needed decades to achieve. Sweeping music from the ballet Spartacus, the famous Saber dance, the Masked ball Waltz and much more, all performed by musicians and dancers.

Tues 6.3.12      17:00 , 18:30
Wed 7.3.12 17:00 , 18:30
Thurs  8.3.12 17:00 , 18:30

Ticket Price: 85 Nis


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