The Israeli Opera in the USA

The Israeli Opera has started to actively build a base and a presence in the United States in order to raise awareness about the incredible work of the Israeli Opera and to promote the Masada Dead Sea and Jerusalem Opera Festival.  In January, Chairman of the Israeli Opera Friends Association, Dafna Meitar Nechmad, traveled to New York, Los Angeles and Boston to begin meeting people and networking in the different communities. We were thrilled by the incredibly warm welcome that we received in each city, and encouraged about the future of the Israeli Opera in the USA.
To follow up on our successful January trip, we just did two events at the beginning of March in the USA, one in New York and the other in Los Angeles. Both events were based around special private concerts by Israeli Opera soloist Iris Karlin in people's homes.
In New York, Oren Heiman and Tal Shapsa hosted about 75 people for a morning of "Opera and Shukshuka" that made for a delicious and special experience. In Los Angeles, Ruth Popkin Shamir invited the Israeli Opera to be a special guest at an event she was hosting for the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. Again, Iris dazzled the crowd. Dafna will be back in the USA again at the end of March for more events and meetings in both New York and Los Angeles.  If you are interested in meeting with the Israeli Opera, hosting a small concert, or learning how you can attend the Masada Festival, please contact Debbie Stein at

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